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Ray McElrathbey is a famous football player who has overcome difficulties throughout his life. A movie called Safety was released in 2020. The story revolved around Ray and his fights. He also faced various obstacles to joining the Clemson Tigers. Essentially, the movie is about finding peace through exercise, staying close to family, and getting on with life despite all the hardships.

People learned about Ray McElrathbey and his life after watching the movie. They began to worship him from the bottom of their hearts. However, Ray’s parents were addicted, but he never gave up and started practicing to become a successful man. Let’s talk about spouses, parents, Ray McElrathbey’s biography, and more.


Ray McElrathbey was born on September 26, 1986. Ray was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA, USA. He is a retired football player and also a fitness fan. However, Ray is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 88 kg. Ray is 34 years old, his nationality is American and mestizo. His full name is Ray Ray McElrathbey.


Ray was born in Chicago, Illinois, the USA to Tonya McElrathbey and Raheem Muhammed McElrathbey. His family was addicted. However, he has seven brothers, two of which are girls.

McElrathbey started playing football to distance himself from his circumstances and he enjoyed it. McElrathbey, also known as Brit, is seven years younger than Ray. However, he is 27 years old and was born in 1993. Read more

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Also, the personal life of the great football player was never in detail. Ray McElrathbey and his wife have three children. Their names are Ramon, Tristan, and Quick. Ray and his wife loved their children very much and tried to give them a better future. However, Ray does his best to be the best parent due to difficult events in the past. Read more about prcedo com reviews.

When Ray was 19 years old, he took custody of his brother Fahmarr McElrathbey. Fehmarn is 26 years old and will turn 27 this year in 2021. Fehmarn and Ray currently co-direct the Ray Safety Net Foundation with their mother, Tonya.

According to the ESPN report, Ray attended Clemson University in South Carolina from his hometown of Atlanta. He and Fahmarr spent most of their lives in Los Angeles. You work mainly in the public sector. She worked as a behavioral medicine specialist with Topics, a program for the homeless. In addition, Ray has also worked in various political campaigns that allowed him to do two of his favorite activities: traveling and talking to people.

Ray’s Current Position:

He gave an interview with Ray in 2016. To the Mail and Courier website, where he lives with his family in Atlanta, Georgia. She currently resides in Los Angeles and travels frequently to South Carolina and Atlanta to visit her brother.

Ray is also active on social media platforms, especially Instagram. She has an Instagram ID raymcbey1 and 16,700 followers.

Some Facts About Ray Ray McElrathBey:

Ray McElrathBey is a retired football player for the Clemson Tigers.
He is married and Ray McElrathbey’s wife’s name is Brittany Cieara.
Ray has three children. His father and mother were drug addicts. But Ray’s mom is sober now.
She was left alone with her seven siblings during a difficult childhood.
Ray, his mother, and brother Fahmarr McElrathbey currently run a foundation.
He is known worldwide for his safety film, but this movie is a huge inspiration for many young people.
Ray also won the 2006 FedEx Orange Bowl Courage Award.
He gained a lot from his studies.

Net Worth:

Ray McElrathbey‘s net worth is $1 million.

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