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A great gaming headphone with lots of gesture controls, the LucidSound LS31 Wireless requires some emergent use too. It is convenient for extended play time and provides decent sound quality. For precise audio recordings and transmission, it also employs dual-microphone technology. The gameplay and conversation radio intensity may both be adjusted with the cups’ buttons. You can use the headphones securely over extended periods while operating because the USB adapter drastically minimizes response time. Since you can connect to platforms and computers remotely, this gameplay equipment is also appropriate and relevant. You can learn the most recent information about LucidSound LS31 Wireless from this article.


The functions are also fairly primitive, and the headset doesn’t appear like one for playing video games. There are numerous gaming headphones with excellent features available for this budget range. The only memorable benefit is that you can use these headphones as a headset, and the music sounds great through them as well.

A good audio environment with strong peaks for intelligent positioning.

The LS31 did well in popular multiplayer modes like Battle Royale and Call of Duty while using Audio Experience.

If you like items louder, the maximum volume is also fairly accommodating.

While there are inexpensive cable headphones that offer slightly better audio, they do not include a wireless signal.

Style & Construction

The idsound ls31 wireless headphone is a short-range wireless headphone that only supports two devices at once. As soon as a smartphone has Bluetooth, the L31 can be used with it. In that regard, it is worldwide, as is the headset’s application. It can be used on your preferred platform, Computer, or even portable electrical equipment like tablets and smartphones. There are certain restrictions on this versatility, but for players seeking to invest in a long-lasting piece of gear, this headphone is ideal. On the one hand, you simply wouldn’t be able to use the messaging system on devices even though it will operate with them.

They effectively block out noise and do not transmit it either. The sound, however, might be better. Music lovers may be pleased with the synth tones that these headsets provide. The design and construction make it popular among users. A durable bag for storing and traveling is also included with these headphones. As was already noted, these headsets have an internal microphone and controllers, allowing players to change the loudness without dealing with some other devices like Microsoft 10, PlayStation One, etc. This is ideal for those who want to play computer games both at home and on the go since they won’t make any mistakes while doing so.

Performance Of The LucidSound LS31 Wireless

LS31 Wireless

The LucidSound LS31 Wireless is excellent for watching a movie and is very practical while delivering an amazing listening quality. It is beneficial concerning sound ls31 wireless complete superiority. It has highly practical Bluetooth connectivity. A great gaming experience is rendered possible through massive support and functionality. It’s a fairly recent headphone. One of the greatest earphones in terms of sound production, the LucidSound LS31 Wireless has an incredibly clear and detailed voice. Compared to most other countries, sound dispersion is higher. This device isn’t suitable for health-conscious people who enjoy sports because it is uncomfortable and unstable while working.

Sound Quality

Turning up the equilibrium on such headsets produces excellent music, which includes excellent bottom. This portable headset looks quite fantastic for its $150 price tag. These headphones have better sound when compared to the others; hence they will prevail in a headphone comparison. So, consider that for $150, the music and subwoofer sounded incredibly good. You particularly enjoy how simple it is to move between various equalization capabilities; you don’t need an app or anything similar. The stomping, gunfire, and every other low-end noise also have excellent high-end quality when using this headset for a positional approach. This will be excellent for you if you enjoy loud noise.

Battery Timing

With solid 17-hour battery power, the lucidsound ls31 wireless will last through extended play sessions. However, you can power it when using it even though it takes around 3 hours to fully recharge. For individuals who could stay close to the power supply, this is not a barrier. Unfortunately, they lack any battery-saving features, so if you forget to switch them off, their life will be short.

Connectivity And Usability

LucidSound LS31 wireless

It’s important to note that the LucidSound LS31 offers several faster access settings for functionality. Quick and easy access controls allow you to switch between your entertainment and conversations without having to use a separate game controller or user interface. It contains moderately real-world, whether you play video games or not. Nowadays, Bluetooth-free headphones like the idsound ls31 wireless are unique. However, it communicates over a common USB connection using a global wireless approach. The outcome is lag-free, pure sound. It is completely better than Bluetooth skills in terms of sound quality. However, it’s important to remember that there is no compatibility, so don’t anticipate being able to establish Bluetooth connections.


  • It’s an amazing style device.
  • It builds excellently with comfort and support.
  • It provides strong noise.
  • A powerful connectivity transmission is designed.
  • It has a sophisticated metallic and greyish appearance.
  • Without any trouble, you can easily operate your headset.
  • It gives you wireless sound that is incredibly clear.
  • It is equipped with two microphones.


  • It is not possible to change how loud the microphone listening is.
  • Surprisingly, the microphone performance is subpar.

Why Select The LucidSound LS31 Wireless?

The LucidSound LS31 has quality ingredients, a steel structure, and adequate softness, maintaining the same design features as previous recent LucidSound headsets. With rectangular over-ear chambers and premium latex foam, and calfskin cushioning, it still feels pleasant to use even though the cooling fluid from the LS35X is absent. As with other broadband LucidSound headsets, the earcups contain all of the settings. Each ear has a sizable button that can be used to separately regulate the conversation intensity and gameplay levels. Each cup has a button that you can depress to silence the game’s audio or your microphones, which also has a red LED to show you that you are being hushed visually. With a simple micro-USB cable recharge, the headset can play for approximately 15 hours.

Does The LucidSound LS31 Wireless Support Bluetooth?

The LS31 is not equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. The 3.5mm wire that is supplied permits it to function with smartphones. You only try to attach the wire’s first side to the headphones and its other side to your smartphone. To receive sound from your smartphone and use the booming microphone or embedded microphone for conversations or messaging, make sure the headphone is switched OFF. You must manage your phone’s audio, playback, and response settings because the tires and knobs will not work in this manner. The advantages of implementing this device as a portable earpiece are that battery performance have never been a problem.


The LucidSound LS31 wireless is an excellent wireless sports headset with lots of customization options; it takes time to become accustomed. It is comfortable for extended playtime and has good audio quality. For precise recordings and sending, it also employs a double mic system. Any new gaming equipment must have a mic, and the LS31 has two of them to give you great microphone control and noise cancellation. It is among the nice headsets in terms of audio clarity, featuring crystal-clear, precise audio.

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