Tue. Mar 21st, 2023
Police in Dresden, Germany

Police in Dresden, Germany, say they have arrested a 55-year-old police officer on suspicion of murdering and butchering a man he met on a cannibalism website.

The two guys met on Zambian Meat, an Internet chat discussion board the place human beings talk about their sexual and cannibalistic fantasies. Text messages and on line chats published that the 59-year-old sufferer from Hanover requested to be killed, police said.

Dresden Police Chief Dieter Kroll stated at an information conference: “The sufferer had been fantasizing about being killed and eaten seeing that his youth.”

Marko Laske, a police spokesman, said: “Our investigations have simply begun, and we can’t affirm rumors but that the suspect has eaten components of the sufferer or that it was once a sexually influenced act.” There is no proof that the suspect ate physique parts, and he denied doing so, Laske said.

The arrested man works for Saxony’s State Office of Criminal Investigation in the forensics department. He was once acknowledged as an “inconspicuous and regular colleague,” police said.

Police did now not title the suspect. German media are figuring out him as “Detlev

After having been in contact for months via chat, e-mail, smartphone and text, the guys agreed to meet on November four They met at Dresden’s foremost teach station, police and prosecutors said, and rapidly after went to a guesthouse in the Ore Mountains that belongs to the alleged killer. The police officer is believed to then have killed, tortured and dismembered the man, and buried his physique components on the land round his guesthouse.

The sufferer was once mentioned lacking in November. The police officer gave a partial confession through admitting that he killed the man from Hanover. He did now not divulge his motive.

The police officer used to be arrested two days in the past whilst on duty. “It is an fully great case. For an unusual case with such broad repercussions, it will take a whilst to locate out the reality about what in reality came about and why he did it,” Laske said.

In 2001, Armin Meiwes was once arrested for killing and consuming a voluntary sufferer he met on the Internet. Meiwes posted an commercial on the Cannibal Cafe website, searching for a younger man for “slaughter and consumption.” His victim, Bernd Brandes, reportedly agreed to be butchered alive earlier than being killed and eaten.

Meiwes, who captured the killing on video, used to be convicted of homicide and sentenced to lifestyles in prison.

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