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Google Keyword Planner: What is it?

The Google Keyword Planner is a tool within Google Ads that aids in the discovery of keywords for ad targeting. You may obtain keyword suggestions, search volumes, Google Ads competition, and cost-per-click (CPC) information for search phrases with Google Keyword Planner.


The Google Keyword Tool Planner is not offered without charge. You must register for a Google Ads account and spend money on advertising in order to use Google Keyword Planner.


How Do I Use Google’s, Keyword Tool?

You cannot use What is Google Keyword Tool Planner for free, despite the fact that Google won’t outright charge you to use it. Indirect costs include money spent on Google Ads in order to use the Google tool.


You must carry out the following actions before you can access Google Keyword Planner:


Sign up for a Google Ads account.

Link the payment method to Google Ads (usually your credit card)

launch your Google Ads campaign.

Continue the campaign and see that money is spent.


You will need to keep running campaigns on Google Ads and probably spend the equivalent of hundreds or thousands of US dollars each month on Google Ads if you want to view the search volume data for keywords in Google Keyword Planner.


The precise search volume statistics in Keyword Planner will be replaced with search volume ranges if Google determines that you are not spending enough money on ads.


You must maintain the Google Ads spend in order to continue receiving access to Google Keyword Planner with accurate search volume statistics for keywords.


It is crucial to remember that if you stop purchasing Google Ads, you will probably only see a small amount of keyword information in Google Ads Keyword.


The Best Alternatives to Google Keyword Planner


You may wish to take into account some of its competitors even if you spend money on Google Ads and have full access to the company’s own keyword research tool.


In order to find keywords for advertisements, Keyword Planner does not suggest popular long tail keywords. In reality, it conceals a lot of useful keywords that are simple to find when utilizing some of the free alternatives to Keyword Planner listed below.


Trends on Google



Google Trends is a fantastic free tool that aids in determining the relative popularity of terms. It is a great substitute for Keyword Planner when comparing keyword popularity. With Google Trends, you can observe variations in keyword interest and relative search volume.


You may also view a keyword’s relative popularity in a particular nation or region using Google Trends. You can use the tool to simultaneously compare the relative popularity of up to 5 different keywords.



For instance, the relative popularity of “coffee” and “tea” during the previous 12 months in the US may be seen on the graph from Google Trends below.


The drawback of Google Trends is that it only displays keyword popularity on a scale of 0 to 100. Sadly, it does not display the precise number of searches the keyword actually receives.


Search Suggestion


When you begin typing a keyword into the search box, Google Suggest, a major component of Google search, suggests further search terms. For long-tail keyword research, this function is a decent substitute for What is Google Keyword Tool Planner.


Actually, the best way to discover high-quality long-tail keywords that people use to search for information on Google is through Google Suggest. Although Google Autocomplete, another name for the Google Suggest feature, was not created expressly for marketing, Google acknowledges that it can provide insightful data and assist in keeping up with trends. Google Autocomplete can be used in a variety of innovative ways that can benefit your SEO efforts.


Enter a keyword into the Google search box and add a letter or number before or after the query to use Google autocomplete. A list of suggested search terms and keywords will then appear beneath the search window.


Although the phrases that Google Suggest provides are undoubtedly helpful, you cannot readily copy or export


The Keyword Tool


Because it is designed specifically to quickly and efficiently extract thousands of relevant keywords from Google Suggest, Keyword Tool is the finest alternative to Google Keyword Tool Planner.


You cannot use Google Keyword Planner without a Google Ads account and without paying for advertisements because it is a feature of the Google Ads product.


However, for search engine optimization, Keyword Tool is a free substitute to Google Keyword Planner (SEO). You don’t need to pay anything or register for an account to use Keyword Tool.


When a word is entered into the Keyword Tool’s search box and the key is pressed, the tool will immediately extract hundreds or even thousands of great long tail keyword suggestions for your seed keyword.


Keyword Tool gets keywords directly from Google Autocomplete. That is why with Keyword Tool you will be able to find keywords that are hidden in Google Keyword Planner.



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