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Leh, the capital of Ladakh, was a significant junction on the famous Silk Road in ancient times. It is also the second largest district in the country enfolding an area of ​​45,110 km.

Situated at an altitude of 11,562 feet, it is still monopolized by the ruins of the Leh Palace (a major tourist attraction), the former residence of the Ladakh royal family, built on the lines of the Potala Palace in Tibet. 

It boasts of being home to several famous ancient Buddhist monasteries. It is one of the most visited destinations in Ladakh and has a lot to offer. The adage “there is beauty everywhere, all you have to do is look around” is true to its core when it comes to fascinating Leh Laddakh Travel.

It offers panoramic views on one of the trips to Leh Ladakh India is all about the feeling of snowy mountains, rugged landscapes, towering peaks, dangerous roads, and roaring bike engines. In short, going on a cycling trip to Ladakh is all about good vibes and the infinite spirit of the rider.




The city of Leh is located on the eastern side of Jammu and Kashmir, at an altitude of 3505 meters above sea level. The area is connected by the Zanskar River, which flows into the Indus River. There are two routes to Leh – one from Manali in the south and the other from Srinagar in the west.


Best time to visit


The best time to visit Leh is from May to September when the weather is brilliant. Since Ladakh does not undergo heavy rainfall, the monsoon is the best time to visit the area. These months permit motorcyclists to enjoy the touring circuits of Ladakh as much as they enjoy a trip to Lahaul & Spiti. 


Fairs and Festivals in Leh


The most important festival is the 2-day Ladakh festival, which is held in the first two weeks of September. Villagers come in traditional clothes and sing folk songs backed by an orchestra. Masked monks from selected monasteries perform dances that signify the demolition of evil spirits. Then there is the Hemis festival which takes place in June/July and lasts for 2 days. It was held at Hemis Gompa to commemorate the birth of Padmasambhava, the founder of Tantric Buddhism.


Depending on many aspects like the route you rode, your entire schedule, and most importantly the weather conditions, the perfect time for a Leh Ladakh bike tour would be 15 days or more. This duration is also appropriate when one opts for Manali to Leh bike tour from Delhi.



First, you should figure out your budget. A lot depends on the vehicle you choose for your trip and the cost of a trip to Leh Ladakh would also vary based on the accommodation and the type of food you choose to eat. Still, an average budget can be achieved when considering basic factors such as accommodation, food,d, and fuel. So under normal circumstances, you end up spending around ₹35,000 on a Leh Ladakh bike tour for 15 days. Your cost will also vary depending on your Leh Ladakh bike tour route. This also includes the cost of permits and miscellaneous expenses for the Leh Ladakh bike tour.

Best Bikes for Leh Ladakh Road Trip


Every biker needs to give their full attention to their first love, which is their bike. One has to be very cautious and picky when it comes to choosing their Leh Ladakh road bike. So whenever you’re selecting a bike for any road trip, consider fitting more than popularity. Consider it one of the vital aspects of your Leh Ladakh bike tour plan!

Selecting the type of bikes that are easy to handle and maintain has always proved to be safe and helpful for the riders for trips like the Leh Ladakh bike tours. So the top five bikes for the Leh Ladakh bike tour are mentioned below:


  • Royal Enfield
  • Considered to be the best bike for the Leh Ladakh trek, it is a robust bike with a 350 CC or 500 CC engine which is sufficient 
  • Royal Enfield Himalayan 
  • With a powerful 400cc engine, the Royal Enfield Himalayan will make your ride comfy and trouble-free on any rugged trail and off-road.
  • Bajaj Pulsar 
  • By far no bike has been a hit in the Indian market that resembled the Bajaj Pulsar features. Pulsar is the most prevalent motorcycle after Bullets and comes in 150 CC, 200 CC, and 220 CC variants, each of which can be your trusted partner in any adventure.
  • KTM Duke
  • Being a suspension bike can be profitable on roads like Ladakh. With a series of new Duke 390 and Duke 250 engine variants, KTM can also be a good option for a cycling trip to Ladakh.
  • CBR 250
  •  This bike from Honda is truly incredible except for the Contigo tires which can be a bit heavy when the terrain changes in Ladakh. On the bright side, if the tires can be changed, the torque and fi technology on the bike can be used for a greater purpose.



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