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Rose Bertram, a young woman born and raised in the small town of Daphne, Alabama, is not just anyone’s ordinary neighbor. In fact, she is one of the richest women in America. But why is that?

Introduction: When Rose was just a child, her parents died in a tragic car accident. Fortunately, her Uncle Charles was able to take her in, and she’s been living with him ever since. Although she doesn’t remember a single thing about her parents or life before Uncle Charles took her in, she has always assumed her uncle is her father. But, after he dies and leaves his entire estate to her, she realizes that she has no idea who her real father is. And now she must figure it out before she becomes a rich woman.


Rose’s Family Background

What did Rose’s family look like?

Paragraph 1: Rose was born on April 15, 1928, to two hardworking farmers. They were typical hardworking, blue-collar parents. Rose was the youngest of four children, and her older brother and sister were both born after Rose’s father was transferred to a different farm. This meant that Rose’s parents spent their weekends farming, while Rose stayed with her grandparents to help out with household chores.

Paragraph 2: The rest of Rose’s childhood was fairly typical of other rural farm kids. She enjoyed playing outside, going to church, and hanging out with friends. She also got involved in school sports and took part in agricultural projects like planting and harvesting crops. Rose loved being outdoors, and she was a natural athlete. She often played basketball, baseball, and football in her spare time.

Paragraph 3: After high school, Rose attended Kansas State University. She earned a degree in education and then got married in 1948. She and her husband moved to Nebraska and settled down in a small town where they raised four children together. Her husband taught elementary school and then worked as a bus driver. Rose’s mother-in-law looked after the home, while Rose worked part-time.


Rose’s Career Path and How She Got Rich

“Rose has a lot to offer anyone who wants to start, run, or grow their own business, whether it’s their first one or not. She has been there, done that, and written the book on it. She shares her best secrets in this book. In it, she shares all the things she learned about how to get started, how to stay motivated, and how to make sure that you’re always getting better at your craft. Rose is a very smart, articulate, and energetic speaker. She makes me want to go back to school and learn marketing and business so I can give all the stuff I learned from her a try.”


Rose O’Dea is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. As the CEO and founder of the lifestyle brand, Rose O’Dea, Inc., she is responsible for developing and delivering products and services that help women improve their lives and feel good about themselves. Over the past 14 years, Rose has built a multi-million-dollar brand and company that has reached a large audience and attracted millions of dollars of investment. Her company is not only a success, but it also creates a significant number of jobs, both in her own community and around the globe.


Rose’s Investment Strategy

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How Much Money does Rose Bertram Have?

Rose Bertram lives alone, but she’s not lonely. She loves her family, friends, and pets, and she spends a lot of time watching the world around her. But she needs money for food, shelter, and medicine for herself and her four beloved pets, so she goes to work at a local flower shop.


Rose Bertram has $1,200,000.00. She has been collecting money for years and years. She has used her own savings to put her money in the bank, and she has had help from her friends and family. As you read this, Rose is probably not thinking about how much money she has. She doesn’t care about how much money she has. What she cares about is how much she’s going to have after she pays off the $1,200,000.00. The way to think about it is to divide $1,200,000.00 by the amount of money she still has left to pay.


Other Resources on Rose Bertram

Other Resources on Rose Bertram

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