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Shin-Etsu offers the only dialysis treatment option that meets the World Health Organization (WHO) standards for both safety and efficacy.

The AQOAT system offers a safer alternative to current treatments because it uses a dialysate made of purified water instead of the currently used blood.

The purification technology is proven safe and effective, and it has the additional advantage of being free of bromine and iodine. This means the system is safer for the patient, the environment, and the health care providers. Because the AQOAT system is proven to be superior to the other dialysis methods, it can be administered by virtually any trained professional.


1. Shin-Etsu AQOAT Medicines

AQOAT is a breakthrough medicine that can help your dog live a healthier, longer life.

Body Copy: It’s rare that an animal disease that isn’t fatal—like canine hip dysplasia—is discovered to be linked to a human genetic mutation. But that’s exactly what happened when Dr. Peter Naylor discovered that certain strains of E Coli bacteria were killing his dogs. His investigation led him to a gene called AQOAT, which he discovered was the culprit.

After studying the effects of the gene mutation, he realized that a small, inexpensive pill could prevent this deadly infection and even reverse the crippling symptoms. So he set out to create a medicine that could treat dogs with this gene mutation.


2. How did Shin-Etsu get started?

Background: In 1998, two brothers by the name of Takanori Nagao and Kiyoshi Matsumiya were working at a Japanese manufacturing firm called Shin-Etsu. It was an exciting time in Japan’s electronics industry.

The dot-com bubble was about to burst, and there was much uncertainty in the market as to where the country was headed. The two brothers took notice of the growing interest in their industry, and so they decided to create their own company.


3. The Medical Benefits of Shin-Etsu

The name alone makes it sound like a Japanese company that makes medical devices (or at least it does to me). The Japanese company is actually a big global supplier of precision instruments, which means that they make surgical instruments used by surgeons to cut away cancerous tumors.

While the name “Shin-Etsu” might lead you to believe otherwise, this company is actually based in Nagasaki, Japan, and not Tokyo. The company makes a variety of surgical instruments, including retractors, scissors, and forceps used to perform surgery. The products are used in nearly every type of surgery.


It’s no secret that Shin-Etsu is one of the leading companies in the world when it comes to developing cutting-edge products, such as medical implants, dental implants, and orthopedic devices. They’ve done this by investing heavily in research and development. Shin-Etsu, however, didn’t simply invest in R&D; they also took a unique approach to it. Here, they developed a “Medical Innovation System” which is designed to develop medical innovations using clinical trials.


4. How Does Shin-Etsu Compare to Other Drugs?

The problem with drug trials is that they are very expensive. It costs anywhere from $300,000 to $1 million dollars for each drug. For example, the most expensive drug trial is for the cancer drug Avastin. This drug is used for colon, ovarian, and pancreatic cancers. However, not many doctors prescribe Avastin for a number of reasons. One is that it costs so much to administer.

A patient may have to spend $500,000 on Avastin, but it only cost $100,000 to treat the patient. The problem with the current system is that if the drug isn’t approved, then the pharmaceutical company loses all of the money that it spent on developing the drug. So, if the drug company spends $1 million developing a drug, then it would be best to get it approved as quickly as possible.


5. What Is the Difference Between Shin-Etsu and Other Generic Drugs?

In the U.S. alone, nearly 1,000 drugs are developed every year. But that’s only a fraction of the total number of drug approvals in the world. That’s why the generic pharmaceutical industry is a fast-growing sector. Generics are safe and effective drugs that are identical to branded drugs. Some experts estimate that the global generic market will grow by 9 percent every year for the next few years, reaching $160 billion by 2020.


In the last two years, generic drug prices have risen dramatically, leaving many consumers concerned about the difference between branded and generic drugs. So, what is the difference between a brand name and a generic drug? Here’s a breakdown of the basic differences between branded and generic medications.


6. Conclusion: Why Shin-Etsu Is the Best Choice

“Shin-Etsu Chemical Corporation is the world’s largest manufacturer of copper alloy products. They are known for producing superior quality copper alloys and their dedication to innovation and quality. When they began manufacturing copper in the 1960s, they wanted to create a new category of alloys. But no one in the industry could produce them. That is until the founder of Shin-Etsu, Mr. Kenzo Kawakatsu.

His goal was to create a material that would outperform the existing best alloy on the market. After several years of research, they created an alloy that would be stronger than any other. Today, Shin-Etsu Copper Alloy is one of the world’s top-performing alloys and continues to produce the strongest products.

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