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As of late, there has been a rising spotlight on environmentally friendly power sources. Sun oriented power is one of the most well known sustainable power sources, and understandably. Sunlight based chargers are a perfect and effective method for delivering power and don’t create hurtful discharges.

On the off chance that you’re thinking about changing to sun oriented power, you might be considering what kind of sunlight based charger is ideal. There are a wide range of types and brands of sun powered chargers available, however one of the most well known brands is Sharp. Sharp’s mono sunlight powered chargers are the absolute most proficient available, and they’re a great decision for the individuals who need to benefit from their sunlight powered chargers.

Why Pick the Sharp Energy Arrangement Sunlight based?

Sharp Energy Arrangements has been planning and introducing sunlight based power frameworks for north of 60 years. With this degree of involvement, they can offer a direct power yield ensure for their frameworks – implying that you can anticipate that your framework should create a specific measure of force every year for the following 15+ years.

This degree of sureness is fundamental while making such a huge venture, and it’s only one reason why such countless individuals pick Sharp Energy Arrangements. Notwithstanding their experience and ensures, they likewise have a nearby help group in Europe that can assist with any inquiries or issues you could have.

What’s more, since they’re a worldwide organization, you should rest assured they will be around for quite a long time. So assuming you’re searching for a sun oriented power arrangement that offers inner serenity, Sharp Energy Arrangements is your organization.

Item Highlights

panou fotovoltaic sharp mono 540wp

Panou Fotovoltaic Sharp Mono 540wp

Execution arrangement (1,500 V)


There are various kinds of sunlight based chargers available today, however one of the most well known and effective sorts is the mono-translucent sunlight powered charger. Sharp’s mono-translucent sun powered chargers are the absolute best available, and their 1,500-volt execution sun powered chargers are no special case.

These superior exhibition sunlight based chargers are intended to endure brutal atmospheric conditions and give most extreme power yield.

High module productivity (20.37%)

Sunlight based chargers are continually improving, and the Sharp Mono 540wp WP is a superb model. With a module productivity of 20.37%, it is perhaps of the most proficient sun powered charger available. It implies that a greater amount of the sun’s energy is changed over into power, settling on it a superb decision for those hoping to expand their sun based power yield.

144 semicelule M6 wafer (2,108 x 1,048 x 35 mm)

The Semicelule M6 wafer (2,108 x 1,048 x 35 mm) is a high-proficiency mono-glasslike silicon sun based cell. It has an area of 21.08 cm2 and a thickness of 35 mm. The cell has an open circuit voltage of 4.47 V and a short out current of 6.56 A.

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Powerful item plan

With respect to configuration, Sharp is an organization that knows how to take care of business properly. The Sharp Mono Wp sunlight based charger is a great illustration of this obligation to quality plan. This board includes a strong casing dependable and an effective mono-translucent silicon sun based cell that produces a lot of force.

Creative PERC

PERC (Passivated Producer and Back Cell) innovation is a development in sun based cell creation that offers huge benefits over conventional plans. PERC cells highlight a passivated producer layer on the facade of the cell which works on light catch and increments electrical proficiency.

The cell’s back is likewise covered with a terminal, taking into consideration better current assortment and further developed power yield. This one of a kind plan assists PERC cells with performing better under low-light circumstances, bringing about a higher generally energy yield.

Tried and affirmed

All Sharp photovoltaic boards are tried and affirmed to global guidelines by TÜV. The IEC/EN 61215 + IEC/EN61730 norms cover mechanical, electrical and ecological execution, and the boards are likewise guaranteed to Security Class II and Application Class A. Likewise, all sharp solar panels boards have an imperviousness to fire rating of C, making them reasonable for use in a large number of utilizations.

Solid guarantee

Sharp’s mono wp is a fantastic choice in the event that you’re searching for a dependable sunlight based charger. It accompanies a 15-year item guarantee and a 25-year direct power-provided guarantee, so you should rest assured it will proceed as promoted.

Reliable positive power resilience

In the event that you’re searching for a sunlight based charger that can endure the components and perform reliably, Sharp’s mono-translucent silicon photovoltaic (PV) boards are the best approach. With a dependable positive power resistance of up to 5%, these boards are intended to convey steady and solid power yield even in the most difficult conditions.

Strong item plan

The Panou fotovoltaic sharp mono 540wp is an exceptionally tough and dependable item. It includes a vigorous plan that can endure fire, dust, and brutal weather patterns.

Fire arrangement class C

The Sharp sunlight based charger has a 540wp fire grouping of Class C and has breezed through the PID perseverance assessment. It likewise breezed through the alkali assessment (IEC62716) and the residue and sand test (IEC60068). This pursues it an ideal decision for use in regions with a fire hazard or openness to synthetic compounds or residue.

Specialized determinations

The Sharp 540Wp is a superior exhibition sunlight powered charger with a remarkable cell design. The phones are organized in 72 series strings of 2 cells each. This design empowers the board to create more power per square inch than traditional boards.

The front glass is hostile to intelligent, high transmissive low iron treated glass. This glass permits more daylight to arrive at the cells, expanding power yield. The edge is made of anodized aluminum combination, which is silver in variety.

The association box on the Sharp 540Wp Photovoltaic Board has an IP68 rating, 3 detour diodes, and a link with a Ø 4.0 mm² measurement and 1,250 mm length. The connector is a MC4 (Multi-Contact, Stäubli) type with an IP68 rating. The greatest framework voltage is 1,500 V DC.

It has a temperature scope of – 40 to 85 degrees Celsius and can endure a greatest mechanical heap of 5400/4000 Dad. It has likewise been tried to endure a snow heap of 5400 Dad.

The Sharp 540Wp Sunlight based charger has a most extreme power result of 450 watts and an open-circuit voltage of 49.35 volts. Its short out current is 11.61 amps. These are the specialized determinations of the board that you should know about while thinking about this item for your sunlight based energy needs.


The Panou fotovoltaic sharp 540w solar panel datasheet is a great speculation for those hoping to get a good deal on their energy bills. This sunlight based charger is exceptionally proficient and can deliver sufficient power to drive your home for quite a while.

Furthermore, the establishment cycle is exceptionally simple and requires no extraordinary abilities or information. If you have any desire to lessen your carbon impression and set aside cash, the Panou fotovoltaic sharp solar panels is the ideal answer for you.

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