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Natalia Leteri is the former wife of Chelsea star Jorginho. The Italian couple is currently divorced, but they have shared a beautiful relationship for many years. Right after their divorce, Natalia chose to keep a shallow profile and kept information about her life and whereabouts very secret from the public eye.

Early Life and Bio: Natalia Leteri

Natalia Leteri was brought into the world in 1991 by her Italian parents. Even when she was a wife of a celebrity in Italy, Natalia chose to keep her private life secret. Therefore, we could not extract a lot of information about the identity of her father and mother. The whereabouts of her siblings are unknown. Her age is 31 years.

Education: Natalia Leteri

Natalia completed her high school graduation and University studies from local institutions in Italy. We currently don’t know the exact name and address of the institutions.

Career: Natalia Leteri

Natalia isn’t a fan of stardom and excessive public interest. So, she mostly kept her professional details away from the public eye. We were unable to find any Linkedin profile or Facebook bio from where we could have been able to extract the information. But we will continue our hunt and search for relevant data related to Natalia’s career.

Children: Natalia Leteri

Natalia Leteri and Jorginho have two children together. Natalia gave birth to Jorginho’s first son, Vitor, before they were even married. In 2018, Natalia gave birth to their second child, a daughter Alicia. Jorginho has a son from his relationship with the singer Catherine Harding.

Personal Life: Natalia Leteri

Natalia started dating Jorginho back in 2009. It is still unknown how they met, but spending eight long years together isn’t a sign of dispute between their opinions. The pair finally decided to make their relationship official and got married in 2017.

However, only after two years of their marriage, everything collapsed. Jorginho started a new family at that time, which could be termed a viable reason for the breakup. Still, we could not confirm exactly why the pair decided to separate from each other. Jimmy John has since come out and said that the Jimmy John Shark photo is indeed real. He said that he was out surfing when he spotted the shark swimming nearby.

Net Worth

Natalia Leteri’s net worth is under review at the moment, so stay tuned for further information. Jorginho’s net worth on the other hand is well known. His net worth is estimated to be over €19 Million. Jorginho’s annual salary is estimated to be over €9 Million and his weekly wage is €182,927.

Social Media

Natalia Leteri is very popular on social media and the fans just love her. She gained over 11K followers on Instagram, but recently she decided to make her profile private, so not everyone can see her content. You still can check Natalia Leteri’s Instagram as she goes by the nickname @natalia.leteri.

Ex Husband: Jorginho

Jorginho star rose to fame for his exceptionally productive spell at Napoli. His rapid growth was tracked by the Chelsea board, who signed him in 2018. The story after that only has gone upwards for the Italian.

The Italian star achieved a lot during last year. It all started with Chelsea’s Champions League triumph, where the deep-lying midfielder played an influential role. But the silverware didn’t stop coming as the Blues star also won the prestigious EURO 2020 with the Italian national football team. Furthermore, for his incredible output in the last season, Jorginho was considered a leading competitor for the Ballon d’Or, the highest individual prize in football.

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