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Patrick Whitesell and Lauren Sanchez were among the most well-known couples in the entertainment business.

Lauren Sanchez, a former pilot who is now a media personality, gained notoriety after serving as an anchor on the Fox 11 o’clock news and a special correspondent on Extra.

When she got married to American talent agent Patrick Whitesell in 2005, her fame increased.

Before divorcing in 2019, the couple welcomed two children: Evan Whitesell and Eleanor Patricia Whitesell.

Additionally, Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend Lauren, who was Patrick Whitesell’s ex-wife, is now well-known, and their love stories are the newest fashion.

We will discuss that later, though. Let’s focus on Eleanor Patricia Whitesell, the daughter of Lauren Sanchez, for the time being.

The Second Child of Patrick Whitesell and Lauren Sanchez

As previously said, Lauren Sanchez became well-known after getting married to talent agent Patrick Whitesell. The pair wed for more than ten years before divorcing in 2019.

Eleanor Patricia Whitesell was the youngest of the two children the former power couple had before divorcing. Eleanor “Ella” Patricia Whitesell, Sanchez’s daughter, was born in 2008, according to People.

In addition, Michael Sanchez, Lauren Sanchez’s brother, disclosed that the TV personality named her daughter after her mother and mother-in-law.

He further stated that both mother and daughter had recovered well from the delivery.

Ella’s family does not, however, consist of just one child. Evan, her older brother, was born in 2006 and is her first sibling.

The youngest member of the Whitesell family, Ella must have received a lot of love from everyone.

As a result of Lauren and Tony Gonzalez, Ella also has a half-brother named Nikko Gonzalez. Ella’s development is unfortunately hidden from us because neither of her parents uses social media.

Ella Whitesell, the daughter of Lauren and Patrick Whitesell, is likely to lead a happy life and have a close relationship with her family.

The Parents of Eleanor Patricia Whitesell divorced in 2019

As previously noted, after twelve years of marriage, Eleanor Patricia Whitesell and David Whitesell, or Ella’s parents, legally divorced.

According to TMZ, Lauren filed for divorce in 2019 and received a response from her ex-husband. Laura Wasser, who has defended several famous people in court, handled the case.

In addition, the divorce of the former Whitesell pair was formalized in October of that same year.

Eleanor “Ella” and her brother Evan will be under their combined custody. In addition, their prenuptial agreement was followed while dividing their property.

Eleanor Patricia Whitesell, the daughter of Lauren Sanchez, is just 13 years old, thus adjusting to the new surroundings must have been quite difficult. She does appear to have prioritized her time well and kept her relationship with her parents positive.

Ella appears to be on the verge of becoming a member of the Bezos clan as well.

Late in 2018, Ella’s mother began dating Jeff Bezos

Like a fluid that fluctuates according to temperature, human emotions are fluid. Similar was Lauren’s marriage, love, and relationship with her ex-partner Patrick Whitesell.

After a little more than ten years of marriage, the couple filed for divorce. She has, however, found a new love in Amazon millionaire Jeff Bezos.

As said, Patrick Whitesell, Lauren Sanchez’s ex-husband, first met Jeff Bezos ten years ago. So, before beginning their relationship, they were already acquainted.

Before beginning a new chapter in their life, the new couple reportedly split from their old spouses, according to TMZ.

They made additional public announcements of their relationship in 2019 and stated that since doing so, a tremendous weight had been lifted.

Additionally, they frequently appear at various events together, which helped them instantly become hot news.

Patrick has moved on with an Australian actress named Pia Miller, much like her ex-girlfriend Lauren and Ella’s father.

On November 28, 2020, the couple got engaged. Lauren is preoccupied with her job and creating memories with her new boyfriend, Jeff, while Patrick is busy organizing a wedding.

Who knows, but Eleanor Patricia Whitesell, the daughter of Lauren Sanchez, must have met her mother’s boyfriend before her brothers did at dinner.

Additionally, Jeff and Lauren are taking things gradually and getting used to the new circumstance. As a result, Jeff and Ella may be seen together in the near future.

Name Meaning: Patricia Eleanor

The Hebrew element, which implies light and beginning, is where the name Eleanor comes from.

The name Ella also has numerous antecedents and meanings. However, it means Goddess in Hebrew. In the same vein, Patricia refers to a Latin noblewoman.

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