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MANHWA REVIEW Get a Complete: Quest Supremacy Wiki + Review

Quest supremacy widely additionally is aware of as Questism or Quest Jisang Juui.

Questism, additionally recognized as Quest supremacy, is a Korean-based webtoon Manhwa written via YuNuni, and artwork by way of TAIWAN.

Its Slice of Life, Drama, and Sci-fi Manhwa revolve around our most important character SUHYEON KIM a excessive faculty boy who continuously receives bullied by using his classmate.

If you like different Manhwa-like lookism, dice, and Viralhit, this is gonna be amazing; you’ll genuinely revel in this one too.

A gaming searching for the nerd who gets RPG quests in actual lifestyles and therefore receives pinnacle in the excessive school.

So right here is the whole thing you want to comprehend about Quest supremacy wiki.

Questism – Quest Supremacy Wiki

Su Hyeon Kim is a gaming fanatic who hates faculty and absolutely hates in mutual.

He experiences steady bullying from his classmates each and every day, which makes him want his lifestyles had been greater like the RPG quest games he plays.

Su Hyeon Kim screams Quest window 9 instances and says this isn’t a net novel.

Then suddenly!

When a mission seems in actual lifestyles with a easy goal and a desirable prize, hence Suhyeon’s kim dream is ultimately granted.

He accepts the probability because he has nothing to lose, and one mission quickly leads to another.

Suhyeon shortly discovers that he has long gone from being an outcast no person to the pinnacle of the faculty as the dangers and rewards increase.

Quest Supremacy review

If you are a Manhwa reader like me (a nerd), then you’ll right away recognize Quest supremacy manhwa with others e.g. Viral Hit, LOOKISM.

The Story:

An common Manhwa with a respectable plot to lower back up and some lovable female.

Quest Supremacy lovable girl charaters

This Manhwa putting is like, I’m no precise at anything, I’m shy, plus introvert and very much less to communicate at school, and by some means my want is granted, and I get popular.

It’s funny, cuz!

As quickly as I study about the bullying situation on newtube, I instinctively knew that Viral Hit would be mentioned.

The “guy all of sudden acquires the power to emerge as OP” in webtoon has in no way been extra sensible than this one.

The youngster who is going to be the OP is puzzled AF considering he has a quest window acting due to the fact he screams it a lot, and wow! Suddenly the whole thing will become splendid for him.

The Art:

I genuinely like the art, no longer too good, however now not awful too. A respectable artwork to lower back up the plot, and the Manhwa does now not quit shining in when given the story a time.

There are some genuinely cool panels in this Manhwa.

The Direction:

I like how the writer includes side characters in the story and offers them a suitable time to develop. I mean, simply seem to be at this panel.

How suitable it is!

Final say

It’s interesting to examine some other manhwa the place the main persona receives OP somehow, and it makes me favor to study greater of these sorts of Manhwa.

So right here is a listing of OP MCs in Manhwa.

In the end, Quest Supremacy Wiki provides enjoyable and brilliant storytelling. It provides a special and attractive journey that will truly hold you entertained for hours.

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