Sat. Mar 18th, 2023

The best gift for hummingbird and oriole enthusiasts!

Hummeze Hummingbird Cleaner Feeder is a simple, safe, easy, and rapid way to ease your hummingbird and oriole, nectar feeders.

Our proprietary, patent-pending formulation gently sanitizes and cleans your feeders except for the want for scrubbing, brushes, or harsh chemicals.

Simply soak the feeders in water with Hummeze. The special colorimetric system in Hummeze adjusts the water from colored to clear when the feeders are clean!

6 oz packet offers about 12 cleanings and cleans up to three standard-size feeders per time. At this price, that’s much less than a quarter per feeder!

Hummeze is handy to use:

1. Disassemble the feeder and location in warm water with Hummeze
2. Allow to soak till water modifications from colored to clear
3. Rinse and reassemble when dry.

That’s it! Mold and grime long passed from even the tiniest of crevices.

No scrubbing. No brushing. No harsh chemicals. No worries!


* 6 ounces bundle lasts for about 36 feeder cleanings
* Clean your hummingbird feeders except for harsh chemicals
* Hummeze turns water crimson & ends clear when the feeder is clean
* Easy to use with no brushing & no scrubbing needed
* Made in the USA

Size: 6-ounce bundle

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