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Are you planning to buy a new iPhone and, having learned that Apple offers a trade-in program dedicated to its smartphones, would you like to know more? No problem, but remember that the Cupertino giant’s proposal is much less advantageous than one might imagine.


The exchange of an iPhone at Apple is undoubtedly convenient: phones with signs of wear and slight defects are also accepted, but the evaluation that is given to the latter – and therefore the discount that is obtained on the purchase of the new smartphone – is negligible. Compared to the sum obtained by selling the device on the second-hand market.


Preliminary operations


Before getting to the heart of the guide, going to explain in detail what steps must be taken to trade in iPhone, there are some preliminary operations you need to perform. What I am referring to, to be precise, is the execution of a backup of the data on the device and the subsequent reset to the factory conditions of the same.


To proceed, first, select the Settings icon (the gear-shaped one ) that you find on the home screen and in the iOS App Library. Now, press on your name displayed at the top (or on the option Log in on iPhone if you have not yet logged in with your Apple ID ) and tap on the iCloud entry.


Then select the iCloud Backup option, move the lever next to the iCloud Backup item to ON (if you have not already done so) and press the Back up now option to start a new iCloud backup. Go and visit my article and also check out my site. I suggest you read my specific tutorial on how to make iCloud backups.


After completing the above steps, to initialize the device, go to the main iOS Settings screen, tap on the General item, and choose the Transfer or initialize iPhone option. On the next screen, tap on Initialize content and settings, tap the Continue button, and enter the iPhone unlock code.


In conclusion, enter the password of your Apple ID in the field provided, press the Deactivate option to disable Where is (the Apple service that allows you to locate the devices associated with your account), and choose the Initialize iPhone option from the opened menu.


How to trade in iPhone


If you want to trade in your iPhone with Apple, you can do everything (or almost everything) directly online using the official program called Trade-In. As anticipated at the beginning, the trade-in allows you to buy a new iPhone at a discounted price and get a one-off sum to spend in the Apple Store to buy any other product.

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