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Have you got some trouble with the functioning of your garage door? Fixing Driveways Gates Motors is all set to serve you at your doorstep for garage door repair services. We have a brilliant team of experts dealing with all sorts of technical glitches related to garage doors. Whether it is about the garage door rollers , springs, openers, or the track, we have it all with a good range of reliable solutions.

When do You need Garage Door Repair Services?

Here is what you need to know about when you actually need to get your garage door repaired:

  • Worn out, loose or damaged springs might be making it difficult for you to lift the garage door and if it is so, then it’s time to get them repaired or replaced.
  • The rusty garage door rollers or even the damaged ones can disturb the functionality of your garage door. So you should call the team from Fixing Driveways Gates Motors for the best services.
  • If the garage door opener has got loose or broken, you can get it repaired or replaced but make sure to seek services from a reliable company.
  • There are chances that the garage door track has got some bents if the sliding of the door isn’t smooth anymore as before. You can have a new garage door track or a fine repair work to make it function properly.

How do we serve garage door repair?

When it comes to garage door services, Fixing Driveways Gates Motors has been serving the best in Tampa for long while gaining the trust of clients in the services offered by the amazingly professional team owned by the company. It is not about the money but the promise we make to serve with excellence for repairing garage doors. We are better concerned about your security and to serve the purpose, we never delay in delivering the garage door repair.

Moreover, we have a great variety of garage door parts including garage door springs, openers, rollers, and fine-quality tracks. You choose it and we fix the things without losing any time. If you want to get served timely without any compromise over the quality of work as well as garage door parts, call us right away.

Call us for more detail: (813) 694-5001

Why Handyman Garage Door Repair?

  • Fixing Driveways Gates Motors owns an efficient team of experts to deal with all problems occurring and causing the malfunctioning of garage doors. We care about our clients more than anyone in the market and our services are enough to prove it.
  • We offer a range of solutions and quality garage door parts to make it go long way while saving the clients from troubles related to the garage doors.
  • Our company religiously believes in delivering excellence with convenience in all aspects. We provide timely garage door repair services without making your money go to waste. Moreover, you can call us for assistance 24/7 and our team will be showing up in the minimum of time to serve you with the best.


1)            Recently got my garage door rollers fixed by Handyman Garage Door Repair. The team is efficient in working and provides the best solutions. Thanks for the services.

2)            My garage door track got hit many times and bents made it lose function but thanks to the wonderful team of Fixing Driveways Gates Motors who repaired everything well. Good job!

3)            The springs of my garage door got rusted and busted but Fixing Driveways Gates Motors has delivered me the best quality springs so the garage door is behaving well now. Totally satisfied!

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