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The tabular format plastic cards along with a key tag transpire to be the focal point in our regular lives across the complete globe. These cards are especially outlined with bar codes and colorful graphics than other standard business cards. The Teslin card printing technologies are also found in the utilization for creation of these tabular format commercial plastic printing cards besides insurance cards, membership cards, library cards, and loyalty cards as well. These tabular cards with some more advanced identifiable security and financial applications can also be adorned with either magnetic strips or even integrated circuits so, that they can smoothly act as smart cards. 

Teslin card printing technologies are furnished with superior synthetic paper solutions no matter how sophisticated or immortality they can be, which can be annexed with the following superb offer and might be spectacular in furnishing good benefits

So, here comes the welfare points – let’s discover them one by one: – 

What does Teslin mean?

It is a synthetic paper material that is flexible, highly printable, waterproof, and tear-resistant. Often, this type of material can be used in the ID badge industry due to its flexible surface that can serve both dye-based inkjet printing and other options for offset and laser printing as well.


Driver’s license cards around the world are often found integrated with Teslin. You can offset the actual cards produced in Teslin with rainbow, guilloche, and fine-line detailed protective printing with variable-size micro-text. In contrast, the back of the card is often blank and lacks machine-readable Nano-mechanisms (barcodes) and redundant data. A pattern can be created on Teslin cards by a color laser printer. After the printing is finished, the cards are laminated with additional security elements such as embossing and holographic lamination.


However, Teslin has considerable weaknesses; It is readily available online, and its printability makes it open to all kinds of fraud. You can even buy Teslin sheets or pre-cut templates for ID-1 (CR-80) size cards. Just do a Google search for Teslin’s paper, and you will undoubtedly find many hook-ups. It presents an easy head-start for counterfeiters. Teslin is available for 85 cents per sheet for volumes over 1,000, but prices vary by region. Also, pouch-type laminates are accessible and fairly modest.

The Welfare provides:-

  • High lamination strength.

Whenever these cards are heated at a very high melting temperature, lamination is inundated through the pores of Teslin. This consequences in the formation of some very muscular mechanical bonds that are about ten-fold stronger than other synthetic compounds. This confirms that the information written on them is heavily-guarded and the service life of this material is extended to make them highly resistant to defoliation.


While few synthetic papers are accessible there that can more effortlessly let the print either scratch off or abraded as inks and toners can only amalgamate with the compound and defend very influential print information along with the things like graphics and photography.


  • High protection of electronics.


Although this approach (Teslin) can readily contribute to the permanence of plastic, it can merely get flexed, cushioned, or can vanish static to defend several magnetic strips and implant electronics, like the RFIDs and computer chips as well as with the consolidated circuits.


  • Poising with platen and roll lamination method

Among all, one of the principal conveniences of Teslin subsume is that they can be more straightforwardly roll-laminated for some very high-volume-sheet-printing that can remarkably reduce the total programming cost in contrary to other synthetic subsume that may be required for cards to be printed-independently with the assistance of platen lamination technology.

  • Print flexibility.

The most significant welfare of Teslin’s subsume is that they are incredibly amicable with an extensive range of print technologies and also offset, digital, and laser printing, without even using any special inks. Far from the other synthetic subsume that are present there, which can melt quite readily in extreme temperatures, Teslin subsumes can readily get accommodated with various laser-based print customization for a wide range of print applications.


The Last Word: – 


Akin to the Teslin subsumes, there is really no other printable plastic out there that can accommodate such a wide range of printing technologies. The Teslin subsumes have features that are vastly alike to traditional paper, and they don’t have so many special oxidizing inks or drying tools like the multiple synthetics present there. These subsume are truly-incredibly perfect for a wide range of variable applications since they neither need an exceptional layer nor treatment for them, whether it’s a duplex or dual-surface printed with very high-quality graphics.

The printing features of commercial plastic printing made out of Teslin card printing technologies are that they are indistinguishably akin to traditional paper in many ways than one, and they do not require either extraordinary oxidizing ink or even the drying conveniences the way synthetics do. The subsume of Teslin originally upkeep very high levels of strength and flexibility during different finishing processes for things such as folding, embossing, foil stamping, sewing, grommeting, folding, punching, perforating, etc. As you can presume, several welfares can be provided on multiple fonts by using laminated card techniques that have been created by using Teslin card printing capabilities.


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