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People nowadays are taking an interest in water sports like SUP, surf, windsurfing, canoeing, paddling, etc. Inflatable stand-up paddleboards are an excellent way to enjoy water adventures. These inflatable paddleboards are easy to transport and store. Plus, they are highly durable and can be used for many different activities. Inflatable SUPs offer a smooth, gliding feels on the water, giving an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Furthermore, the rigid yet lightweight construction makes SUPs an extremely travel-friendly option.


With so many inflatable stand-up paddleboards available on the market, choosing one can be difficult. To help you choose the best inflatable stand-up paddle board, we’ve rounded a list of our top five picks. These are all from reputed brands and are mostly all-around inflatable SUPs. One of the best things about the iSUPs on our list is that they all come with innovative features and great accessibility.

Enjoy next-level water adventure with these best all-around inflatable SUPs:

1) iRocker

iRocker is a globally recognized brand specializing in making the best inflatable stand-up paddleboards. Currently, iRocker offers different types of inflatable paddleboards that are perfect for beginners, immediate, and advanced paddlers. The company’s paddleboard lineup is categorized into three sub-brands: iRocker, Blackfin, and Nautical. Apply the IRocker Coupon Code to save 30% on all orders.

Best-seller: All-Around11′ Ultra Inflatable Paddle Board is one iRocker best-selling paddleboard. From compact designs and impressive rigidity to exceptional performance on the water, iRocker paddleboards have everything you need on the water.


2) Red Paddle Co


Red Paddle Co makes some of the best all-around inflatable paddleboards in the industry. This leading brand of inflatable SUPs has gained worldwide recognition because of its high-quality paddleboards and best prices. Also, they offer inflatable SUP with unrivaled performance, durability & safety, from all-around to specialty boards. When you buy from Red Paddle Co, you get the option of a 5-year warranty, friendly returns, and impeccable customer service.


Best-seller: One of the best-selling paddleboards of Red Paddle Co is 10’6 Ride MSL iSUP. Measuring 10′6″ x 32″ x 4.7″, this award-winning all-around board is perfect for every type of rider to enjoy water adventures.


3) Gili Sports


Gili Sports offers the best selection of industry-leading, durable, inflatable paddle boards. The brand offers SUPs made from high-strength PVC material for a board that easily lasts for years. Their iSUPs include everything you need to get on the water: iSUP, paddle, pump, leash, fins, and backpack. In addition, Gili Sports paddleboards feature large cargo areas, extra grab handles, extra-length traction pads, and eye-catching designs. Moreover, all of their SUPs come with a 2+ year warranty and a 60-day money-back guarantee.


Best-seller: The Gili Air is an excellent inflatable stand-up paddleboard ideal for beginners and intermediate paddlers. With its sturdy design, 6″ thickness, and snap-in center fin, this paddle board comes with speed, stability, and portability.




BOTE is well-known for its sturdy and stable SUPs. This paddleboard brand offers a unique paddling experience with its highly portable and durable iSUPs. Also, they focus on making the best boards to cater to the needs of water sports enthusiasts. Plus, the brand uses the latest technology and expertise to form a range of inflatable paddle boards. Best of all, BOTE offers a 2-year warranty service, free shipping, and courteous customer service.


Best-seller: The Wulf Aero is Bote’s one of the best inflatable stand-up paddleboards. Its amazing construction comes with a super stable form and an affordable price point.


5) Thurso Surf

Thurso Surf offers a high-performance, compact, and lightweight inflatable stand-up paddleboard. The brand makes its boards with a dual-layer PVC that’s both durable and has a high weight capacity. Also, they add an extra layer of PVC + carbon fiber for better protection and stiffness.

Best-seller: The Waterwalker 132 is the brand’s best all-around inflatable SUPs for beginners and intermediate paddlers. In addition to its attractive design, it comes with innovative features and fantastic accessories. Their flagship best-seller paddleboard is available in three sizes. Furthermore, it is a versatile all-around board for yoga, fishing, recreational paddling, etc.

Hope this article helps you decide which inflatable stand-up paddle board is right for you.

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