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bennett armistead schauer

Bennett Armistead Schauer, the lone offspring of entertainer Laura Linney and Marc Schauer. Here Laura Linney is an American entertainer and artist. She got a few honors in her expert profession which length more than thirty years. The five-time Grant candidate has likewise gathered millions worth of abundance.

Be that as it may, laura’s very own life is likewise something like a triumph. She has been joyfully hitched for more than 10 years and is a gushing mother of a kid. Laura likes to keep the vast majority of her own subtleties hidden. She has become open about parenthood in a few meetings. In this way, how about we figure out how Laura Linney’s child, bennett armistead schauer. Bennett Armistead Schauer is renowned and notable as a superstar child.

Today, we will talk about how Laura Linney’s child Bennett Armistead Schauer is growing up.

Who Is Bennett Armistead Schauer?

The 49 years of age entertainer Laura Linney as of late became a mother in the wake of bringing forth a child kid on Wednesday, January. Child Bennett Armistead Schauer is the principal offspring of Linney and her better half Marc Schauer. As of now, Bennett Armistead Schauer is happy with his status as a notable VIP youngster.

Bennett Armistead is one American youngster who can be perceived by the name of Bennett Armistead Schauer. He was well known for being the lone offspring of American entertainer Laura Linney, who was granted the Foundation Grant in 2000 for her exhibition in the show “You Can Depend On Me”. Laura Linney has been in different movies.

Entertainer Laura Linney is a first-time mother at 49 age. Also, she says that she can’t completely accept that the amount of affection she possesses for her child. She is appreciative that her child Bennett Schauer was conceived sound and blissful.

Name Meaning:

The name Bennett is a manly name that started in the English language. It is likewise remembered to have been gotten from the Latin name Benedictus which signifies “favored.”

Moreover, the kid’s name Armistead has an English beginning, and it signifies “loner’s place.” Besides, creator Armistead Maupin, who composed the San Francisco Stories of the City, carried the stately English family name to the cutting edge awareness.


On eighth January 2014, Bennett Armistead Schauer took birth to his folks Laura Linney and Marc Schauer in the US. The date of birth causes him to have a place with the horoscope sign, Capricorn. He is 8 years of age kid and is an American resident in 2022.

Since Schauer’s folks have not conveyed any insights concerning his kin, so being the main child of his parents is probable. As there is no data about Schauer’s instructive foundation, so it is accepted that Bennett Schauer is a primary school understudy.

Bennett Schauer is a pervasive young person. He is renowned for being a big name kid. He has not truly established himself and furthermore it’s impractical to perceive how much his total assets is.

Bennett Armistead Schauer Guardians Relationship:

Bennett Armistead Schauer’s folks Laura Linney and Marc Schauer tied the wedding hitch on May 2009. The couple was honored with just a single child Bennett Armistead Schauer was brought into the world to them. Bennett Schauer was brought into the world in 2014 when his mom Laura Linney matured 49. Be that as it may, the connection between Laura Linney and her significant other Marc Schauer is great.

Despite the fact that Schauer’s mom was before married to David Adkins in 2000 and their relationship remained for just 5 years, then, at that point, they got isolated in 2005.

From that point forward, Schauer’s mom Laura Linney met Marc Schauer in 2004 in Telluride, Colorado during a film celebration. Then they got taken part in October 2007 and were joyfully hitched in 2009. Following five years of the wedding, Laura’s child Bennett showed up in 2014.

Bennett Armistead Schauer Mother Laura Linney:

Bennett Armistead Schauer’s mom Laura Leggett Linney is an entertainer and a decent vocalist, it were destined to traverse over thirty years. Laura Linney has won various awards. She has made various jobs throughout the long term and assigned a significant esteem for herself. In any case, the five-time Tony Grant prospect has amassed abundance in the large numbers.

Consequently, Laura Linney’s own life is similarly fruitful. Next to each other, she has been joyfully hitched for a very long time. Furthermore, presently she is a cherishing and caring mother. Laura likes to keep her own data hidden. She has uncovered being a mother in various meetings. Nonetheless, a for each superstar total assets, Laura Linney has a determined total assets around of 10 million bucks.

His Mother Stayed quiet about Her Pregnancy:

While Bennett Armistead Schauer’s mom was pregnant, she gets a kick out of the chance to stay quiet about the news and that’s what she does. She wasn’t stained in broad daylight since she noticed the Ladies in Film’s 2013 Precious stone and Lucy Grants at the Beverly Hilton Lodging in June. Around then, she was a couple of months pregnant.

Laura didn’t report her pregnancy news since she was being cautious. She was a more seasoned mother-to-be, and it had acknowledged her quite a while to have a youngster. She needed to guarantee that her child showed up and was solid and safe.

In a meeting on Live! With Kelly, the Manhattan local said that she didn’t conceal her pregnancy intentionally. She just didn’t advance it. Also, she was exceptionally quiet regarding it. She further said that no one got some information about her pregnancy. Nobody said a thing, in any event, when she went to the theater while eight months pregnant.

His Mom Is Appreciative To Have Him Further down the road:

Bennett Armistead Schauer took birth when his mom Laura Linney was 49. His mom likewise shared that she was thankful it worked out and it was a more magnificent encounter. Be that as it may, Laura Linney proclaim why she conceived an offspring late in her 40s. She says that the clashing truth of order is the main justification for having a youngster late.

As a matter of fact, Laura Linney says that she was fortunate to have savored her life to the best for very nearly fifty years prior to inviting her child. Bennett’s mom has thankfully dealt with her maternity and work life.


Generally, Bennett Armistead is a fortunate child kid with cherishing guardians and relatives. He makes certain to have a blissful and sound life. All things considered, Laura and Marc Schauer’s child is by all accounts living it up. He is growing up away from the media spotlight. Additionally, Bennett Armistead should be enlisted in school and spotlight on his schooling. We truly want to believe that he becomes effective in anything he seeks after from now on.


Q. Who Is Bennett Armistead Schauer?
Bennett Armistead Schauer is the lone offspring of the renowned American entertainer Laura Linney and her significant other Marc Schauer.

Q. When Was Bennett Armistead Schauer Conceived?
Bennett was brought into the world on eighth January 2014 in the US.

Q. How Old Is Bennett Armistead Schauer?
Starting around 2022, Bennett is only 8 years of age kid now.

Q. Who Is The Dad Of Bennett Armistead Schauer?
Marc Schauer is the dad of Bennett.

Q. In Which Age did Laura Linney Bring forth Her Child?
The American entertainer Laura Linney brought forth her child Bennett Armistead Schauer at 49 years old.

Q. Why Is Laura Linney Well known For?
Laura Linney is well known for her depiction of a single parent in “You Can Rely on Me” in 2000. She was chosen for a Foundation Grant for best entertainer.

Q. Does Bennett Armistead Schauer Have Any Vocation?
Bennett is currently an exceptionally more youthful kid thus he has no vocation yet. He is simply centered around his schooling.

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