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Eunseo Bot


If you’re searching for a way to automate some of your tasks, then you need to surely take a look at out Eunseo Bot! This app is designed to help you with a range of extraordinary activities, such as scheduling tweets, monitoring your Facebook posts, and more. With Eunseo Bot, you’ll be capable to get your work performed quicker and with much less effort on your phase – so what are you ready for?

Setting Up Your Bot

In this weblog post, we will exhibit you the fundamental instructions wanted to set up your Eunseo Bot. You can discover greater distinctive guidelines in our documentation, however this must assist get you started.

First, create a new Eunseo Bot account by way of clicking on the “Create Account” button on the domestic page.

Once you have created your account, you will want to generate a token. To do this, click on on the “Generate Token” button on the domestic web page and observe the instructions. Make positive to retailer your token!

Next, we want to add a bot account to our webhook. This can be achieved by using clicking on the “Webhooks” button in the navigation bar and then clicking on the “Add New Webhook” button. On the next screen, enter the following information:

1) Name: Eunseo Bot 2) Description: This is the place you will describe what your webhook does 3) URL: The URL of your bot’s server 4) Method: POST 5) Content Type: application/json 6) Authorization Header: Bearer 7) Click on the “


Eunseo Bot is a chatbot created via the e-commerce agency Tokopedia. It helps humans purchase objects from Tokopedia’s on line store. The bot has a few fundamental instructions that you can use to assist you buy objects from the store.

To use the Eunseo Bot, you first want to create an account on Tokopedia. After you create your account, you will be capable to get entry to the Eunseo Bot from the “Tools” menu on the important web page of the Tokopedia website.

The Eunseo Bot has a few primary instructions that you can use to assist you purchase objects from the store.

The first command is “buy”. This command lets you buy an object from the shop barring having to enter any small print about the item. You simply want to specify the title of the object and the quantity of cash that you favor to spend on it.

The 2nd command is “additem”. This command lets you add an object to your buying cart from the store. You simply want to supply the identify of the object and the extent of it that you want.


Basic Commands For Eunseo Bot

If you’re new to the world of chatbots and choose to begin constructing some fundamental commands, right here are a few to get you started!

To start, create an account on the Eunseo Bot platform and generate a token. Once you have your token, you can use these commands:

bot.start() – starts offevolved the bot
bot.stop() – stops the bot
bot.newMessage(message) – sends a message to the bot
bot.sendTextMessage(text, callback) – sends a textual content message to the bot with an elective callback

eunseo bot commands

Eunseo Bot is a chatbot that can assist you with a range of tasks. Here are some primary instructions you can use to get started:

-help: This will exhibit you a listing of all the instructions reachable to you.
-new: This will create a new conversation with Eunseo Bot.
-message: This will ship a message to Eunseo Bot.
-start: This will begin a dialog with Eunseo Bot.
-stop: This will quit a dialog with Eunseo Bot.


In this article, we will be discussing the instructions that are necessary for the usage of Eunseo Bot. By now, you need to have a true grasp of how to create an account, add content, and music your activity. In the subsequent few articles, we will be focusing on the exceptional points of Eunseo Bot and introducing you to some of the greater superior commands. Make positive to bookmark this web page so that you can usually get admission to our beneficial tips!

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