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Aalyah is one of the most influential social media stars and the daughter of a well-known WWE wrestling personality. If you’ve seen who, you’ll recognize whose daughter she is; if not, don’t worry, she is  Rey Mysterio’s daughter. Her father and mother both belong to a profession that involves fighting, but she opted for a profession other than that. She was seen in WWE many times, but she had no interest in WWE. She stated it clearly.

Aalyah Gutierrez Height, Weight, and Age

Aalyah was born on August 20, 2001, and on August 20, 2022, she will turn 20. One of her body features that makes her look the cutest is that she has the same color eyes and hair. Yes, her eyes and hair are brown in color, which makes her look like a Barbie doll.

She is a young artist who is often seen in many videos and photos. She is a pretty, gorgeous, and lovely star who has a weight of 57 kg and a height of 5 ft 2 inches.

Aalyah’s Early Life and Education

Aalyah was born in California in the United States into a Westreler family. aalyah gutierrez is the little princess of her father, Rey Mysterio, and mother, Angie Gutierrez. She lived with her brother Dominik her whole childhood and had a memorable time with him.

She comes from a Christian family and is currently studying in the United States of America. Since her childhood, she earned a lot of fame because of her father’s occupation, and after that, when she started using social media, she made her own identity distinct from her parents.

Aalyah’s Career

She is very straightforward about her career. She says she loves her father and respects his occupation, but she has no interest in WWE or fighting. She has always fantasized about modeling and has performed as a model on several occasions. At present, she is one of the leading social media influencers.

She regularly posts her pictures on Instagram while traveling, enjoying time with family or friends, and with her beloved dog. She is a role model for many youths, and it has been observed that many female young artists follow her fashion style.

Aalyah’s Boyfriend

She has been in a relationship with Joshua Thomas for the past few years, and together the couple has shared a lot of memorable moments. She always shares many memorable pictures with her boyfriend where they are both enjoying the day. She always shared many pictures on her Instagram account with her family, boyfriend, and loved ones. Before Joshua, she dated a footballer named AJ Hernandez.

Aalyah’s Net Worth

She is one famous celebrity with a net worth of $75 million. She was born into a high-class family and has always been seen as an independent girl who wants to chase her dream in the fields of modeling and social media.

Popularity on Social Media for Aalyah

She is very active on social media platforms and she is known for her social media. On her social media, she has millions of followers who follow her fashion style, admire her beauty and talent, and want to be like her. You can find her on Instagram as well as Twitter.

She uses both the username @aalyahgutierrez on Instagram and @11aalyah on Twitter. She often posted many things on her Instagram and Twitter to let people know more about her.

News of Her Relationship Being Trolled

A few days ago, She was trolled for her relationship with Joshua Thomas, as she was in a relationship with AJ Hernandez before him. She stated that she was in a relationship with AJ. That was a thing in the past, and now Joshua and she have been dating each other since 2018.

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